Can I pay for my SweetHawk apps annually and/or by invoice?

Normally, Zendesk apps are charged monthly from the credit card on file.

However with SweetHawk apps, we can invoice you for a year (or more) of credit and instead of the marketplace charging your credit card every month, the charge will be deducted from your prepaid amount. Note that while you are able to purchase credit via invoice, you will always need to keep a credit card on file for any paid app that you install. 

What happens when my number of agents changes?

So what if your number of agents changes during the year? Well, this still works the same as before. Changes to the number of active agents are pro-rated on a daily basis. So, depending on your agent fluctuations throughout the year, your credit balance may last longer or shorter. For more information on how agents are counted on a pro-rata basis see this article

What happens if my balance runs out?

Once your balance is insufficient for a charge, we'll attempt to charge the remainder from the stored credit card as normal. If your card cannot be charged, you'll get an email and you can then change your card with us and/or pre-pay another balance. You may contact us any time to inquire about your balance.

What if I (un)install another one of your apps?

What if you install another one of our apps? Or you uninstall an app? Your balance applies to all your SweetHawk apps. So if you install another app, your balance will be used for both apps. If you prepaid when you had multiple apps and uninstall one, your balance will last longer.

Does my balance ever expire?

Prepaid balances with SweetHawk are not refundable, but do not expire.

How can I pay?

We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) for all transactions at no additional charge.

For wire transfer from outside Australia we charge a fixed fee of $30 USD to cover international transfer and currency conversion fees for transactions under $500 USD. Balances of $500 USD and over attract no payment fee.

We cannot accept payment by cheque.


If you would like to pre-pay by invoice, or you have more questions, simply email us at

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