Setting up and using the Survey App

The survey app allows you to ask 0 - 10 questions at the completion of each ticket. Those scores can then either be translated into satisfaction scores visible on the ticket or over in insights you can calculate things like *NPS®, averages, breakdowns and more. You can even define the look and feel of the survey based on the brand of the ticket! 

This comes in super handy for companies that want to get more granular with the sentiment of their customers than Zendesk's existing 'Good' or 'Bad' sat ratings. It can also help companies that want to ask their customers for an NPS score after every ticket. 

So... how do you setup your surveys? It's a 3 step process...

Step 1: Copy a placeholder into your satisfaction trigger/automation 

Step 2: Define the look of the survey under the 'Brands' tab.

Step 3: Define your survey settings


*Net Promoter® and NPS® are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.


Step 1: The most important part of the survey app is to actually send it. The way that we do this is to add the placeholder {{dc.survey_app_snippet}} to the trigger or automation that you want to send the survey.

If you're already using Zendesk CSAT ratings, then all you'll need to do is go into the trigger or automation you have sending it and replace the placeholder {{satisfaction.rating_section}} with {{dc.survey_app_snippet}}



Step 2: The next step is to define what your survey landing page looks like. This is where your customer is sent after they click on 0-10 in the trigger email you defined in step 1.

So to do this click on the survey app icon on the left of the screen and this click on the 'Brands' tab. If you have multiple brands you'll be able to change the colours, logos and other details for each one. If you only have one brand, no problems! You'll only see the one ;-)

To edit a brand's survey landing page simply click the "edit" button on the right like this: 


As you can see below, in the edit screen you can upload your desired logo & colour, set the URL that your customer will be redirected to after they fill out the survey, and define the wording of both your questions.


Once you're happy with your settings, click 'save' at the bottom. You can then preview what your survey will look like by clicking the eye icon on the right of the "brands" tab like this.


And a screen will pop-up to show your preview like this:


If you'd like to brand the URL of the survey landing page contact us at and we'll help you get that setup.


Step 3: Once you're happy with the look of the survey lets make sure you're happy with the settings. 

Click on the settings tab at the top like this:


Here you can define which score translates to a good satisfaction. In the image above, anything 7 and above will come through as a good satisfaction on the ticket. 

If you'd only like to ask one question instead of two, uncheck the 'secondary NPS question'. 

Finally, by default, the survey will contain a summary of what the ticket was about at the bottom. If you'd like to remove that from the survey screen, simply uncheck the box.


Okay! You're done setting up. 

Now it's on and upwards to actually using the app. Have a look at this article to see how the app works in action


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