Approvals improvements: June 2017

We've recently been able to release a bunch of empowering new features into the Approvals app which will make it much easier for admins to create templates and to structure approvals (especially for companies with large numbers of approvers). We've also added in changes to make it easier and more intuitive for agents to use. 

Here's a list of features we've added:




For manual approvals, agents now see a list of the ticket fields that are required for the approval in the apps pane on the right. If there are fields that are required for an approval that hasn't been filled out, you will see they're required. As the fields are filled in, they'll change to show you what will be sent to the approver. Once they're all completed, the agent will then have the ability to send off the approval. Here's what it looks like:





When an end-user submits a ticket for approval, sometimes they might need to know to whom the approval has been sent to. We've added the ability to specify an "Approver" text field which the app will automatically update with who the latest approver is on the ticket.

You can set this field under "Settings" like this:




Then after you've added the field to the relevant ticket forms, then end-user will see the field in the help centre like this: 






Perhaps the biggest improvements we've made to the app are for admins, making it easier to create templates and more scalable for larger companies. 

# Firstly, in the 'message to approver' section, you can now specify the ticket fields required for approval from a multi-select dropdown menu instead of having to identify ticket field ID's and type out placeholders. This should greatly decrease the time it takes to set this as you can see below: 




# We've also restructured the template setup screen to make it more understandable. Now you as part of the setup you can specify a "Primary Approver" which will be used by both manual and automatic approvals.




# We're excited to introduce the concept of 'managers' which will allow you to create templates that dynamically determine who the approval gets sent out to based on the email address of their manager which can be set in either a Zendesk user field or an organisation field.

This improvement means that if you have 50 approvers and you want to set the approver based on who the ticket requester is, instead of having to create 50 templates, it can now be setup in 1 template.

This also paves the way for companies who store all of their employee data in another system (for example Active Directory) as they will be able to map an AD field (Eg. Who an employee's manager is) to a Zendesk user field. This will allow seamless control of approvers from within the other system. 

Here's a demo video on how the manager functionality works. 

# As a result of building on the 'manager' functionality, this has also enabled us to make the escalation paths more seamless. Since you can set a manager field on all users, if a ticket gets sent for approval by a manager, the app then looks at the manager's manager using the same ticket field... on so on and so forth. 

See this knowledge base article for how the app deals with escalations within the scope of the 'manager' field functionality. 

# Finally, it was previously not possible to use manual and automatic approvals on the same template. It now is. This means that while you can define the conditions for when an automatic approval gets sent, if the requester submits the request via the wrong channel or uses the incorrect form, you can enable your agents to send out the approval once they've gathered the required information from the requester. Here's a quick video showing you how this concept works:




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