New Calendar app features in V1.3

We've recently released a new version of the app which contains a bunch more features we think you'll love! Here's a video outlining the changes:

Calendar Updates V1.3

 Here's a list of changes...
  • All day events: The ability to create all day events and multi-day events. If you’ve got your calendar connected to google, this will flow through as a corresponding google multi-day event.

  • More Zendesk ticket fields: We're now pushing a lot more data to Zendesk ticket fields. This will make it easier to create more accurate views and reports - it will also allow you to easily reference events with placeholders in macros, triggers and automations. For more information on how to reference these ticket fields see this article.

  • Increased control of your calendars. Over in "manage calendars", you can now specify which group has read-write access or just read-only access. This’ll be very handy for those of you who're using change management processes where you need everyone to be able to see the event, while only having a handful of people who can actually create and edit the events. 

  • Links to the google calendar events & .ics files: You may have also noticed that now on each event there’s a link that will either take you straight through to you google calendar, or if you haven’t connected it, you’ll be able to download ics files for them. 
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