Settings screen

Admins can access the calendar settings screen by going to the Calendar view (1) in the left hand hand bar and select 'Manage Calendars' (2)... 


...and then click the settings tab at the top.


Here you can now set a default subject line, description, location & time format with Zendesk placeholders. For more information on using placeholders have a look at this article:


For example, if you'd like to set the default location of an event to the requester's address, first you'll need to create a Zendesk user field. (See this article for more information on creating Zendesk user fields.)

Then add this placeholder {{ticket.requester.custom_fields.address}} into the "Calendar where mapping" field.

The address part of the placeholder {{ticket.requester.custom_fields.address}} needs to be set to the user field key. So if you've named your user field something other than "Address", you'll need to make sure you're using the correct field key. For more information of finding which field keys you can use, have a look at this article.



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