How to use the Tasks app

Firstly, here's a quick video showing you how to use the Tasks App:

 ...And here's a longer training video that will explain all the features in more detail:

To add a task to a ticket simply click in the "add a task" box, type the task to be completed and press enter.

To mark a task as completed, simply click the checkbox next to it and it will change to completed.

To delete a task, hover over the task you want to get rid of and on the right, click the down arrow.

Then click delete from the menu.

To convert a task into a sub-task ticket, from the menu on the right, click on "Convert to ticket".

This will open a new ticket. You'll then need to add a description, choose the requester and add any additional tasks you'd like completed on the sub ticket before, submitting.

At this point, the ticket you've just created will be linked to the original parent ticket. As you'll see in the app - on the sub-ticket it will show that it's linked to X ticket. 

And on the parent ticket, you'll also see that the item that used to be a regular task, is now represented as a ticket.

Notice that the tick box is now greyed out? Since this is task is represented by a whole other ticket, for this task to be completed the ticket will need to be solved first. At that point the task will automatically be marked as completed.

If you've got lists of tasks that often need to be completed on a recurring basis in your business, then turning those lists into re-usable lists will save you and your team a lot of time.

To create a list template, click on the tasks icon in the left hand menu bar.

Then click on "Add task list" on the left and give the task a name.

Start adding list items by clicking in the "Add task" box, and press "enter" once you've typed the task.

(Alternatively, if you have a pre-existing list, you can simple copy and paste it into a new task and the list will automatically populate.)

Now that you've created your list, you can go to any ticket, and from the dropdown list in the Tasks app, choose the list you've just created to see the entire list added to the ticket with 2 clicks.

And that is how easy it is to use the tasks app!! 

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    I am trying to understand if this feature is available, is it possible to solve a parent ticket before a sub ticket is solved?

    I am wanting to prevent agents from accidentally (or intentionally) solving tickets before the sub ticket is solved.

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    Hi David,

    Yes you can choose whether you want this to be the case or not. By clicking on the tasks icon in the main left bar and then going into settings, there is an option to allow / disallow tickets to be solved with uncompleted tasks. This includes sub-tickets :-)

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    Buen dia:


    Contamos con la aplicación en Zendesk y Necesito que el listado de tareas se refleje en mi mensaje, asi como si termino una de ellas, tambien se refleje, para evitar capturar cada una de ella.




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    Hi César, thanks for engaging regarding your requirements :-) While you're currently able to use the Zendesk ticket field "Remaining tasks" with a macro to quickly copy in the tasks that still need doing into the comment of the ticket, unfortunately, a ticket field doesn't exist for completed tasks. There's an existing feature request in our communities here: that you'll be able to vote up and add your comments / use-case to.

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    Hej. Is it possible to create a view that shows parent tickets and associated child tickets?

    Thanks, Deborah

  • 0

    Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for getting in touch :-) Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. There is actually an existing feature request on our communities that you can vote up and comment on here:

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