Placeholders for calendar subject, description and where mappings

In the Calendar's settings, you can modify the default subject, description and location of an event. This information will then always be sent with every calendar event that you create. Note that these fields can be overridden on an individual event.

To open the settings screen, as an admin, go to the Calendar view (1) in the left-hand bar and select 'Manage Calendars' (2).


Then go into settings and you will see fields where you can pre-populate the details of a calendar event like this:


Apart from typing any text, you can use double curly braces {{ }} to have details automatically pulled in from the ticket when the event is updated. Here are the fields currently supported:

Ticket fields

  • ticket.title
  • ticket.description
  • ticket.priority
  • ticket.status
  • ticket.ticket_field_(id)
  • ticket.ticket_field_option_title_(id)
  • ticket.assignee.user.custom_fields.(name)
  • ticket.requester.details
  • ticket.requester.custom_fields.(name)
  • ticket.submitter.custom_fields.(name)
  • ticket.organization.custom_fields.(name)

Remember to enclose each placeholder in double curly brackets: {{placeholder}}.

If a placeholder is invalid or not applicable, it will be removed from the final mapped value.

Where regular brackets () have been used like in this placeholder: ticket.ticket_field_(id), you'll need to replace both the regular brackets and their contents with what they're asking for. For example, the placeholder actually used would look like this: {{ticket.ticket_field_32224158}} 

Here's an example of how mapping works. As you can see below the, in the settings screen, we've set the subject mapping to display the ticket id and the ticket title. Over on the right, when creating the event - the information is pulled from the ticket and displayed in the event details...

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