Calendar App: Version 2.0 - New Features

We're excited by the release of version 2 of the calendar app. It's positively jam packed with new features!

Here's a quick video overview of the new stuff.

In summary, we've added the following functionality:

  • Weekly Calendar View - On the main calendar view you’ll see we’ve added a weekly view for your events.

  • Multi-day events - They now display correctly across all of the days they’re planned.

  • Calendar Colours - Make it easier to see what's going on across all of your calendars on the one screen.

  • Calendar Picker - We've improved the calendar picker so you can select which calendars to compare against each other.

  • New calendar context view on tickets - Shows you more comprehensively how your event fits in with others around it. 

  • Events created/updated only on 'submit' - Now events will only be created or updated once you've submitted the ticket. This brings it into line with Zendesk standard functionality and means you can now create bulk events by updating the calendar ticket fields.

  • Change event details - By clicking "edit details" on the event, you can change the subject, description and location of the event.

  • Choose to invite the requester and CCs - If you've connected your calendar to Google Calendar, then you'll be able to automatically add the requester and CC's as invites to the event.

  • Map ticket information to event fields - We've created a settings screen so that you can map information from the ticket, into the calendar event fields. We've created a knowledge base article that shows you how to do this here.

  • Reference events with macros - You can reference calendar event details in your macros so you can quickly and easily share details with whoever's on the ticket. Here's a link to an article that shows how this works.

  • Remember last calendar used - When you go to create a calendar event, the app will now remember the last calendar you used, so you don't have to keep choosing the same calendar from the dropdown every time you create an event.
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    The new features are great! Good work guys. =)

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    Thomas D'Hoe

    Super!! Keep on moving

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    Any plans to integrate with Outlook?

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    Hi Kyle, yes we've marked this feature request on the communities (here) as planned. If you follow the community post, you'll be sent an email when we update it as new information comes to light.

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