How to use the Reminders App

Firstly, here's a quick video showing you how to use the Reminders App:

To add a reminder, in the app on the right of the ticket, simply select the date and the time like this:

At that point your reminder has been created. 

By default, the reminder description is exactly the same a the subject line of the ticket. However you can make each of your reminders say whatever you like by clicking the description button on the side.

Then enter what you wan the reminder to say.

As you can see below the first reminder, there is availability to creat another one. You can create as many reminders as you like on each ticket.

At the time of the reminder you'll see a sticky popup note appear in your Zendesk instance like this:

You'll also receive an email with the same reminder message.

You can keep track of all your reminder messages by clicking the main reminder icon on the left of the screen like this:

Another great thing the reminders app allows you to do is to create reminders relative to events in other SweetHawk apps. For example, if you're using the Calendar app, you may want to set a reminder for yourself 30 minutes before an event is due to take place. Thankfully this app integrates with the Calendar, Due Time and Deadline app allowing this to be possible. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming weeks.



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