Using tasks ticket fields

Tasks app does something interesting with the information entered into the app. It breaks the task information down and stores it in a number of Zendesk ticket fields. 

By sharing task information with Zendesk fields like this, it gives you the added bonus of using this information throughout the rest of Zendesk such as in macros, views, triggers, automations and reporting. 

To access a list of your task ticket fields and their id's click on the tasks icon in the main bar, then click on the "settings" tab at the top. Then at the bottom, you'll see a list of them like this:



This will show you a list of the fields the tasks app uses and their placeholders. The ticket fields are as follows:

Tasks done: Number of tasks that have been checked off the list.

Tasks: Total number of tasks (completed or not completed).

Tasks remaining (list): Lists out the remaining tasks yet to be completed on the ticket separated by commas. 


Note that the following ticket fields are required by the app simply to function correctly, and are not particularly useful in macros/views etc.

tasks_linked_id: If you've converted one of your tasks into a sub-ticket, this is where this information is stored that links the ticket to its children tickets. 

tasks_list_id: Identifies the task list for our servers.

tasks_parent_ticket_id: If the ticket is a child ticket, then this field contains the id of its parent ticket.


Those placeholders can then be copied and pasted to be used your macros, triggers and automations. To try it out first copy the placeholder next to "remaining tasks" like this:

Then create a test ticket and in the tasks app on the right, type out a list of tasks like this (note you will need to create the ticket first before you can type out your list of tasks):

Then paste the placeholder like this and hit the submit button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

You should now see all of the remaining tasks laid out in the comment. 

Using this principle, you can inject these placeholders into macros, triggers and automations to always keep your requesters in the loop like this for example...

You can also use these fields to build ticket views so you can easily see all uncompleted tasks. Here's an article that shows you how to build a view for your tasks

Finally, these fields also allow you to build actionable reports for tasks across the whole desk. We've written an article here that shows you how to build them.




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