Tasks update - July 2016

As always we're extremely excited about new features and this is no exception. With around a dozen new features, this update is bound to have something for everyone!

Here's a quick video overview of the new stuff in Tasks:

In summary, we've added the following functionality:

  • Edit mode which allows for reordering of tasks and quicker deletion
  • Improved look of the task activity log
  • Task lists can now be applied any time, not just when no tasks are present
  • The ticket link can now be removed from tasks linked to a ticket
  • Tasks can no longer be created or modified once a ticket is solved
  • New 'admin' screen where you can manage task lists and enable new app features
  • New 'settings' screen where you can enable optional features
  • New 'ticket fields' screen where you can access placeholders for the task app's ticket fields.
  • Agents can no longer delete tasks other than the ones they created themselves (requires opt-in)
  • New task option "Mark as not doing" (requires opt-in)
  • Tickets can be tagged with custom tags when tasks get completed (requires opt-in)
  • Beta: tasks can now be linked to existing tickets using their ID (requires opt-in)


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    when I click on settings, I get an error message. Any way this can be fixed? 

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    Hi Rebecca, there appear to be some issues with the https certificate. We're looking into this. Please open a ticket with us so we can help you out directly.

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