Calendar app update: August 2016

We've released 3 new powerful features into the calendar app. Here's a video that'll quickly tell you everything you need to know: 

The three new features are:

  • 1. Granulated access control for each calendar - You can now restrict access to each of your calendars to any combination of groups, roles or individual users.

To set access on a ticket simply head over to "Manage calendars" when in the main calendar view. 

Then in the access control columns, click on the field for the desired calendar. You will then be presented with a dropdown field containing all the groups, roles and agents on your desk. It's also text searchable so if you have a lot of groups or agents you can find them easily.

Simply select whatever combination of groups, roles or individual agents as you'd like to give access to and they'll appear as separate items within the field like this.

  • 2. Control who has access to 'Manage Calendars' - You're now able to specify which agents have access to manage calendars.

On top of being able to control who has access to which calendar, you're also now able to control who has access to grant access to calendars (ie. admin settings). 

Note: Admin agents will always have access to manage calendars.

To set who has access to manage calendars simply head over to "Manage Calendars" and click on the cog, like this: 

Then under the bit that says "Access to Manage Calendars", same as above, simply select a combination of groups, roles or individuals that you want to grant this access to like this:

  • 3. Ticket tagging at the start and end of each event - At the time an event starts and ends a ticket will be tagged with 'event_started' and 'event_ended'. This allows you to use triggers to perform other tasks and workflow around the event.

This feature brings calendar app into line with how some of our other apps also work. For instructions on how to use triggers to control the workflow of a ticket based on a tag being added check out this article.


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