Tasks update - August 2016

We've added 3 new features into the tasks app. These are:

1. Control who has access to manage 'Task Lists' - You're now able to specify which agents have access to manage task lists.

2. Provide links on predefined task lists - This feature will help you to provide all necessary documentation for your agents to perform complex tasks required on a ticket. 

3. Allow tickets to be solved without completing all tasks - We've added in an option into the settings screen to let you solve tickets without having to complete all tasks first. (By default this option is switched off)

Controlling who has access to manage 'Task Lists'

To set who has access to do this, simply head over to "Settings" like this: 

Then click in the box under "Access to edit tasks" like this:

Now you can specify any combination of which groups, roles or individual agents have access to manage the task lists.

Note: Admin agents will always have access to manage task lists.

Finally, since non-admin agents do not have access to the main Tasks settings screen, they will be able to access the task list screen by clicking the edit icon at the bottom right hand side of the tasks app like this:

Provide links on predefined task lists

To add a link to a task first you'll need to go into edit your task lists like this:

Then in the task lists, you'll see another column where you can now add links like this:

Then when you add a task list to a ticket, any task that contains a link, will contain a clickable i icon next to it like this: 

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