Reminders update: September 2016

The changes that we've released as part of the September update are across the board, so we've just made a new overview video you can watch here:


Here's the new features:

  • Set a reminder for anyone - Reminders are no longer just personal. You can list any combination of other agents to get the same reminder message.

  • Check reminders off like tasks - This allows you to mark reminders as done so you won't be sent that reminder. But if there are other people on the same reminder, they'll still be sent their reminders as usual.

  • Keep track of reminders across your team - With the new checking functionality, once anyone from the list of people you've sent a reminder to marks it as completed, you'll see a green tick next to their name.

  • Never loose sight of your reminders in the main view - We've improved the main reminders view to show you your upcoming reminders, your past reminders and the reminders that you've checked off.

  • UI Changes across the board - to cater for the new improvements including improved integration UI with our other apps like Calendar and Deadline.
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