Creating recurring tickets in Zendesk

While an app with functionality that allows you to create recurring tickets would be awesome... it's currently already possible using a combination of Google Calendar and Zapier.

The first step is to create a recurring event in Google calendar by ticking the "Repeat" when creating an event like this: 

Then over in Zapier click the "Make a Zap" button at the top like this:

Then for the first trigger, search for Google calendar:

...and choose to make it trigger based on the time before an event starts, like this:

You'll then need to connect Zapier to your Google account like this:

And then choose the conditions you'd like matched before a Zendesk ticket gets created including Calendar, time before the event, and any specific terms used in events.

Next, you'll need to define the action (This is where you get to decide what the ticket in Zendesk will say). So do a search for Zendesk and select it.


Then from the list of available actions in Zendesk choose to create a ticket like this:

Then connect up the Zendesk account you'd like the ticket created in:

After that Zapier will display a list of Zendesk ticket fields in which you can define either by typing in text, by selecting elements to be pulled in from the calendar event in Google or using a combination of both:

For example below we've used a combination of both text and placeholder to be pushed to the subject line of the Zendesk ticket when it is created...

Once you're happy with the ticket settings you'll send through from the calendar event, click 'Continue' at the bottom and you'll see a summary of what the ticket will look like.

Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Continue' again to send a test ticket into Zendesk.

View the ticket in Zendesk to make sure it all looks great and all the fields you've specified in Zapier have been set correctly.

Finally, back in Zapier, click on 'Finish' to create the "Zap" and get automatic ticket workflow up and running.

That's it! Now sit back and watch as tickets get automatically created before each event in your calendar.

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    Thanks for the great tips! Can you tell me what format the date and time need to be in to correctly set the deadline date/time for your Deadline app?

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    You're brilliant Peter. Thanks for the great tip and excellent article. Extremely helpful!!!

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