How to use the Approvals app

Firstly, here's a quick video showing you a use case of the Approvals App for Zendesk:

Be sure to check out our June 2017 release of the app and all of the improvements here.




Creating Approvers

To setup approvals, the first step is to define a list of approvers. To do this click on the approvals icon on the left of the screen and then at the top click on "Approvers". Then, to create an approver click on "Add approver" at the bottom. 

Fill in the name and email. For the first approver, you won't be able to choose anything from the 'escalate' options because there's no one else to escalate too just yet. When you've finished, click on "Create User" at the bottom. 

Continue to add all of the people you'd like to add as approvers. Where appropriate, use the "Escalate to" drop-down field to specify superiors. Using this method, if ever an approval needs to be escalated, it will only flow up the chain of command.



Creating Approval templates

An approval template is used to define what needs to be approved, who it will be sent to and when it should be sent. Based on the use case, there are many different ways approval templates can be setup, so we've created this article that with different videos to show the setup and process for each:

Approvals use cases + serial & parallel processes with video walkthroughs.


The most important thing to decide when setting up a workflow is whether you want your agents to be able to manually send an approval, or if you want to automatically send it using Zendesk triggers. In many cases, you may actually want to do both. For example. You could have a trigger send off an approval for all tickets submitted via the Travel Request form. However, if the ticket was sent in using a different form or another channel entirely, you may want to give your agents the ability to send the approval once the required information has been gathered.

Here are some checkpoints that help define the differences:


Manual Automatic
  • Your agents have control over who the approval is sent to.
  • Admins have control over when the agent can see the option to send an approval. (For example, if the agent changes the form to "Travel request", then the app could show a selection of approvers that can grant travel requests)
  • The approver is predefined based on the conditions of the ticket.
  • The approval needs to be automatically sent at a specific point of a ticket's lifecycle. (For example, when the ticket is created, or when a ticket is updated with a specific selection from a dropdown or checkbox.) 
 How to setup manual approvals How to setup automatic approvals (Videos) 

If you have any questions about how to build the correct workflow for your use case email us at

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    I'm assuming this to be the case, but does the approver have to be a zendesk agent?

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    Hi Nathaniel, thanks for your question. No, an approver does not need to be an agent in Zendesk. We've made it so that approvers can get all the information they need, and can grant, reject or escalate approvals all outside of Zendesk :-) 

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