Duplicating conversations & attachments into child tickets

While there's already an article that outlines how to automatically create sub-tickets when adding a task list here, this article focuses on the specific use case where you want the entire conversation of the parent ticket added into the initial description of a child ticket.

This can be really useful if you have members of your team that aren't agents in Zendesk, but you still need to discuss conversations with customers internally with them. 

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from just manually creating a sub-ticket and copying in the stuff you want to talk about, but this will get your there a lot faster.

To set this up there are 3 steps:

1. Create a task list

2. Add a task to the task list with information about how to create the sub ticket

3. Test it out!


Step 1: Create a task list.

To do this first click the tasks icon, then under task lists click to add a task list like this:


Then give the task list a name. This can be anything, but a descriptive title like "Create child ticket & copy parent conversation" will help you to remember what it does. Then click OK.



Step 2: To add a task to the ticket, go into the task list and click "Add task".


Name the child ticket. Once again, something descriptive would be useful like "Child ticket with parent conversation". 

Then, in the 'ticket data' field, you will need to define what information will automatically be added to the sub-ticket. 

This is the code used in the example below:

  "subject": "{{ticket.title}}",
  "assignee_id": "{{ticket.assignee_id}}",
  "comment": {
  "body": "{{ticket.comments_formatted}}",
  "public": true


The placeholder responsible for pulling across the initial conversation is {{ticket.comments_formatted}}. If you'd like to copy across more information from parent ticket than what is outlined above see this article


Finally, click "Create task" at the bottom and you're all set to test it out!


If you'd like a more pretty duplication of the ticket, including displaying links to any attached files, you should use this code instead. 

  "subject": "{{ticket.title}}",
  "assignee_id": "{{ticket.assignee_id}}",
  "comment": {
    "html_body": "{% for comment in ticket.public_comments %}<hr><b>{{comment.author.name}}</b> - {{comment.created_at_with_time}}</br></br>{{comment.value_rich}}{% for attachment in comment.attachments %}<a href='{{attachment.url}}'>{{attachment.filename}}</a></br>{% endfor %}</br>{% endfor %}",
    "public": true


Step 3: Test it out.

Create a test ticket that contains at least a few comments in the conversation. 

Then in the ticket, in the tasks app on the right, select the task list that you just created like this:


Finally, watch as your sub-ticket gets automatically created and the parent ticket details get copied across like this: 






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