Sending attachements to approvers

The advanced message editor section of the approvals template has been built to accept liquid markup. This enables you to pull in just about anything you need from the Zendesk ticket including attachments. 

By default, the message section will be a simple multi-field selector, but you can switch it to the advanced at the top right of the field like this:


You'll see that this converts the existing ticket fields you're already selected into a text field with the fields automatically converted to Zendesk placeholders like this:


All you then need to do is add this code where you want the attachments to appear: 


{% for comment in ticket.public_comments %}
  {% for attachment in comment.attachments %}
    <a href='{{attachment.url}}'>{{attachment.filename}}</a></br>
  {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}


It should look something like this:



Finally, click 'submit' to save the change before testing it out.


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