ITSM in Zendesk using SweetHawk apps

Here at SweetHawk, we love the way Zendesk does incident and problem management. However, once a problem is logged, the path forward regarding change management, approvals, planning and project implementation has always been open to interpretation.

In light of this, we've built a series of apps that provide a more definitive, configurable and prescribed offering for these parts of the ITSM anatomy. The video below shows one example of an ITSM workflow in Zendesk that you could build using SweetHawk apps, but the possibilities are endless...



Apps included in the above video are: 

Change Manager App

  • Adds an extra "Ticket type" for "Changes" to take place in Zendesk.
  • Allows for an unlimited amount of "Change types".
  • Creates a series of ticket fields commonly used on change type tickets.
  • Adds conditionality around ticket fields for changes.
  • Allows you to link each change type to its own change model documentation.

Tasks App

  • Create sub-tickets.
  • Manually or automatically add saved task lists to tickets.
  • Define details of sub-tickets to be automatically created at any point during a ticket's lifecycle.

Approvals App

  • Require approvals to take place on specific types of tickets.
  • Send approvals either automatically via Zendesk triggers or manually by agents on a ticket.
  • Send multiple approval requests sequentially, in parallel and/or as group approvals.
  • Approval logs and auditability.
  • Unlimited approvers that do not need to be agents in Zendesk.

Calendar App

  • Plan when changes will be implemented.
  • Create an unlimited number of calendars for each department and/or Zendesk agents
  • Syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365


Here is the flowchart of what's covered in the video above...



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