Server Side REST API authorization: which APIs are used by the Calendar app

This page aims to provide our customers with transparency how the server side API access is used for the Calendar app. Changes to the app that affect information provided in this document will also be posted in the comments section below. Should you want to be aware if this information changes, please register on this help center and follow this page. 

API Read Update Create


Tickets X X   Fields that may contain personal information of end users aren't stored
Users X      
Groups X      
Group memberships X      
Triggers     X  
App Notify     X  


The Calendar app performs the following changes within your Zendesk account only:

  • Calendar tags tickets on which an event was created at various times to enable workflow and reporting on those tickets, examples include event_pending, event_in_progress, event_started, event_ended.
  • Calendar updates tickets with a link to the event after the event has been created. 
  • Calendar tags and updates tickets with event data when an external calendar is connected, 2-way sync is enabled and the external event has been updated.
  • When creating a new Workflow record, an option to create a trigger is available as convenience.
  • If a value is selected for 'Event time display field' in the app Admin section, this field is updated whenever the event is updated.

No further write operations are carried out by the Calendar app.

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    Added the "App Notify" API as this was an omission in the previous version of the article.

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