How does Enterprise billing work?

Note: SweetHawk Enterprise billing works outside the regular Zendesk marketplace billing process. If you have not explicitly set up an Enterprise contract with SweetHawk, then this billing model does not apply and you should refer to our kb article on how regular billing works here


About Enterprise billing

The Enterprise billing model is designed for organisations with a large total of agents on a Zendesk instance. 

The total number of agents constitutes ALL the agents on your Zendesk account. Under this billing model restricting apps to only work for specific sets of agents will have no impact on costings.

This model offers significant savings possibilities that can exceed 75%. The saving amount depends on your total volume of Zendesk agents and number of eligible SweetHawk apps that are bundled together.

To calculate your possible savings there is a calculator available here that allows you to check if this pricing will be appropriate.

Enterprise can be billed either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Monthly billing is payable via credit card only.

Annual & quarterly billing can be arranged by invoice and are payable via wire transfer or credit card. Cheques are not accepted. 

In order to install the apps that you've paid for on the enterprise plan, you will be issued a unique coupon code that will allow you to install the apps from the marketplace without the use of a credit card. 


How enterprise billing works

The enterprise plan is billed for app usage for the month, quarter or year in advance (depending on your nominated frequency). This amount is calculated from the total number of Zendesk agents you have at the time of billing. 

If the number of agents changes during the course of a billing period, then your next charge will be adjusted to account for the changes on a pro-rata basis. 

For example, let's say you've chosen to be billed monthly, you have a total of 30 Zendesk agents, and your bill for the first month is $200.  

However, if precisely halfway through your first month you were to increase your total number of Zendesk agents to 40, then your next bill would be for the cost of 40 agents moving forward, PLUS the half month's usage by the 10 agents added during to previous billing cycle.

i.e. Your next month's charge would be:

40 agents in advance for the next month = $225

Plus the cost of half the last month by the extra 10 agents. ie. this would be half the difference of last months charge at $200 & this month of $225 which equals $12.50

Making the total of the second months charge $225.00 + $12.50 = $237.50. 

This is a simplification of what you will see on your invoice as your invoice will itemize the agent & app usage for each pricing tier that applies. 


Adding and removing agents

If at any point during the course of a billing period (monthly, quarterly or annual) that your total number of Zendesk agents increases or decreases then these changes will be recorded and your next charge will be adjusted to account for the changes on a pro-rata basis. 


If you'd like to discuss Enterprise billing or your invoices further simply email


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