February 23, 2021 Tasks & Ticket Templates


A series of improvements and bug fixes have been released, many in relation to Ticket Templates which is a component common to the Tasks app, the Recurring Tickets app and the Future Tickets app.



  • Any requester can now be set on a ticket template. You can now search a list of all users within your Zendesk instance and specify whomever you like:

  • From email address can now be set using ticket templates (ie. The address to which the requester will receive email notifications from).

  • Setting relative dates with liquid markup is now possible. You can now set a date either into a date field, text field, multi-line text field, subject or description of a ticket template in Tasks, Future Tickets and Deadline. For example this liquid...
    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'America/New_York' | date: '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M' }}
    ...will insert the present date and time for the America/New York timezone into a text field or description of a ticket. 

    If you're needing to set a date field specifically, removing the time element of the liquid will allow this to be done like this:
    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Melbourne' | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}
    You can also set dates relative to now. For instance, placing this code...
    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Melbourne' | date:'%s' | plus: 86400 | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}
    ...into a date field in a ticket template will set the date to exactly one day in the future from now. Note that the number 86400 is the number of seconds. So 86400 = 1 day, 3600 = 1 hour and 604800 = 1 week. You'll need to calculate the time as required.

  • It is now possible to copy and paste details from the notes section of any task like this: 

  • Inactive Zendesk forms will no longer appear as options within ticket templates.

  • Saving the settings section of the tasks app now provides a visual confirmation popup.



Bug fixes:

  • At the point a sub-ticket was being generated, in some cases, the spinning loader icon was being hidden. 

  • After setting a task list to automatic, when clicking 'create trigger', the associated target was not getting created fast enough in some cases which caused an error to appear in the trigger.

  • Editing ad-hoc tasks were failing to save.

  • Tasks history on a ticket was missing icons for each of the types of task actions.


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